Mary & St. John
John 19:26-27

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            Jesus had been nailed to the cross; the perfect sacrifice for the sins of humanity.  Although he had done no wrong and was innocent, he willingly let himself be put there so none of God’s children would have to be separated from their heavenly Father.  In the midst of tremendous physical pain and emotional agony, Jesus looked down from the cross and saw his mother.  Mary had not abandoned him and fled in fear like many of his followers.  Near her was the beloved disciple.  He then made his final act of compassion; he made sure that Mary would have a son to care for her in her old age.  Now a widow and soon to be left alone in the world at his death, Jesus could not let his mother suffer in poverty and solitude.  He gave one last command to the disciple whom he loved: “Here is your mother” (19:27).  He might as well have said, “Take her as your own, watch over her, and love her as I have loved her.”  Those words were not necessary; they were implicit.  Even now, Christ is watching over each of us.  When we are in need, Christ sends others to be with us, to care for us, and watch over us.  We must be sure not to discourage them, but embrace their presence as it truly is: a gift from God.  Who in your life has God been working through?  Sometimes it is a family member, or a close friend.  Other times God is moving in professionals and medical staff.  Whoever God is using to assist us, let us treat them as bearers of Christ to us and pray for them.



Gracious God,

When Mary was in need,

Jesus ensured that she would have someone to care for her.

Help our faith in knowing that you watch over us,

That you care for us,

Especially when we are unable to do so for ourselves.

When you send others to be with us,

Open our hearts to their presence and their gifts.

Let us receive them graciously.

We give thanks to you that we are never alone.

Your Holy Spirit is with us always.

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.



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