Getting Greedy

“I’m a greedy American; I want more.”
-Dale, contestant on Top Chef: All Stars

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I’m sitting on my couch, in the quiet of my house, and enjoying a cup of coffee while I catch up on my  DVR. 
As Top Chef: All Stars begins, one of the contestants, who has already
won $30,000, says the above quote.  It resonates with me.  I’m an
American and I have no misgivings about the positive and negative
attributes of being American.  We are a consumerist culture in a wealthy
society.  We do want more, bigger, better, newer, shinier.  When it
comes to technology, I’m right there. 

Then suddenly I wonder, “Why
don’t we ever seem to want more God?”  How can we never get enough of
everything from fashion to food to media, but it’s like pulling teeth to
get people to go to church on Sunday morning, much less have some kind
of spiritual life outside of the realm of Sunday morning? I think about
how often there’s this missing piece in our lives which is really the
lack of relationship with God, but we spend countless dollars and hours
trying to plug in something else there.  Nothing can take the place of
God.  There isn’t enough of anything in this world to fill the void in
our lives that exists when we neglect our relationship with God.  I know, I’ve tried.

I’ve decided to be a greedy Christian.  I’m going to never get enough of
God.  I’m going to spend my time finding new and exciting ways to
enrich my relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  Just when I think
it’s getting stale, old, out of date, and monotonous, I’m going to
recall Revelation 21:5, “I am making all things new.”  It’s not Jesus
who gets old and boring, it’s how we understand, picture, and interact
with him.  We get stuck in a rut and we blame Christ.  Jesus is always
the latest edition, the newest thing, the best and the brightest.  So go
on, be greedy.  Just crave the right things.


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