A Jewish Prayer


This is from the “Weekday Prayer Book” of Temple Israel.  I purchased it in a used book store when I lived in Williamsburg, VA.  I love the lyrical flow of this prayer, perhaps because mine do not appear to have that same quality.  My favorite line is “He was, He is, He will be evermore.”  It’s not the sovereignty of God that comforts me most, although it is important to me as well, but God’s constant, abiding presence which reminds me that in a world of unending flux and change, God never abandons us.  God is always there.

(Concluding Prayer)

The living God we praise, exalt, adore!
He was, He is, He will be evermore.

No unity like unto His can be;
Eternal, inconceivable is He.

No form or shape has th’ incorporeal One,
Most holy beyond all comparison.

He was, ere aught was made in heaven or on earth,
But His existence has no date or birth.

(Image courtesy of aleph-arts.com)

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