Be a Ninja


Who doesn’t like ninjas?  I admit that, upon occasion, I have searched for answers at  Ninjas were the covert agents of war in feudal Japan.  They are legendary for their ability to infiltrate the most heavily guarded buildings.  We hear of their stealth and their effectiveness.  When I was a child I loved watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles who made ninja skills cool to a whole generation of children.  If my child wanted to grow up and be a ninja, I couldn’t blame him, except for the whole assassination aspect.

I bet many of us do not stop to consider that, like ninjas, Scripture values stealth.  When Ruth went to the threshing floor to see Boaz, “she came stealthily and uncovered his feet, and lay down” (Ruth 3:7).  Rather than take the opportunity to kill Saul while he slept, “David  went and stealthily cut off a corner of Saul’s cloak” (1 Samuel 24:4).  There are times and occasions when we need to use stealth, when we need to be quiet about what we are doing.  Christians are charged with spreading the Gospel.  Unfortunately, that noble mission received a bad reputation when people became so smothering and confrontational about evangelism.  I know people have asked my husband if I’m a “Bible-thumper” when he tells them I’m a pastor.  A great deal of people in our present day feel that Christianity has become haughty and judgmental in their pressuring of people to receive Jesus Christ.

I believe that this is precisely why we must be like ninjas and bring Jesus into conversations and relationships where it might be hostile to do so openly.  We use stealth to talk about our faith, make it a safe conversation to have.  We do not need to beat people over the head with our faith, but use our lives, our kind words, and loving deeds to testify.  Am I any less of a Christian if the word “Jesus” or “Christ” is not every other word out of my mouth?  Jesus did not just walk out and tell everyone he was the Messiah either.  He took his time and let his actions, his miracles, and his parables convey his message.  Relationships had to be established and nurtured before people were ready and willing to hear Christ’s truth.  Why do we think we’re any more capable of skipping a step?

So practice the art of the ninja.  Use stealth to sneak Jesus into those facets of your life where it is taboo to speak the name of God.  Infiltrate those places where Christ’s light is unknown or shut out.  The only thing that you’re assassinating is the notion that Christians can’t be normal, enjoyable people with a faith that speaks even when their mouths are closed.

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