A Little Bible Limerick Devotion


When I was licensed as a Local Pastor, a group of the women from my church were there and they gave me a fabulous little book called The Bible in Limerick Verse by Christopher Goodwins.

(Image courtesy of buy.com)

I love this little one on Grace, from 2 Corinthians 13:14.

The grace of Christ Jesus our Lord,
The love of God – all this is stored,
The fellowship too
Of His Spirit, with you!
Three in One!  God forever adored!

Do we ever stop to really consider everything that God gives us in his Grace?  Grace is this present from God that contains gift after gift within.  When we unpack Grace we find the redemptive acts of Jesus Christ which take away the sins of the world, and more so, the guilt of our personal, individual sins.  God’s endless, overflowing love for us is integral to Grace; it is simultaneously the motivation and the out flowing of Grace.  It is because God extends Grace to us that we find ourselves in relationship with our maker and creator.  If we receive this Grace, then we receive God’s extended hand, the start of a renewed relationship with the one who so desperately seeks to bring us back from the brink of eternal solitude, the sentence for unrepentant sin.  Being baptized in Grace means that we receive the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, God’s life giving and life affirming Spirit.  This inward presence of the Holy Spirit means that we are in constant communion with God, endless fellowship with our Lord.  And, for all that, let us give glory to God in gratitude for Grace!


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