Digital Scripture: At Your Fingertips


BibleWorks: Software for

My second year in seminary, I discovered BibleWorks from a friend of mine who was in a more academic religion program and planning to go on to PhD work.  She told me that I needed to have this program, if I was going to take my scripture seriously.  She was right.

BibleWorks opened a whole new world to me.  Suddenly, with a few strokes of the keyboard, I could find every scripture passage that contained any word I wanted to look up.  Did you know “love” is mentioned 586 times in the Bible?  I did, after I searched it.  I can easily compare translations just in case I want know know if my preferred New Revised Standard Version is that different from my husband’s American Standard Version or my grandfather’s King James Version.  If I had shown any talent for biblical languages, I could read the texts in the original Hebrew or Greek.  When someone comes to me and asks if I know what part of the Bible says such and such, I can look it up in seconds for them because you would never believe I don’t have the whole thing memorized..  There’s too much I can do with BibleWorks to write it all here.

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Why do you care?  Well, maybe you don’t.  It’s not a free app, and it’s not exactly cheap.  But maybe you’re like me and you figure that you should be more in touch with the scriptures you pledged to live by as a Christian.  Maybe you want to know more and you’re tech savvy so searching the scriptures on a computer is perfect for you.  I use BibleWorks more now that I am out of seminary, ironically.  I use it every time I preach, when I teach, and when I’m just attending to my own spirituality.  The bottom line is this, I owe the guys at BibleWorks a lot.  They have enriched my ministry with their product and they have impacted the lives of those who are touched by my ministry because I use this program daily.  I think every church should have a copy.  Every pastor could use this as well as every Sunday School program.  The hard working people at BibleWorks do what they do so people can be better Christians, and can have even better access to God’s Word.  For that I thank them and can share some love on my website.


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