The Prayer of Catharsis


Gracious God,
I have to be strong, for so many count on me.
Whether family, friends, co-workers, or those in my community,
I have responsibilities that I cannot let fall by the wayside.
If I had but a portion of your strength, I could do all things.
Sometimes the burdens seem so light,
And other times I feel their weight threatening to consume me.
Christ, my Lord, says his burden is light;
I find that things become massive boulders when I attempt to shoulder them on my own.
So today I come to you, into your holy home,
In your mighty sanctuary to worship you and ask,
That you help me to share my load, if with no one else than you.
When I feel overwhelmed, I will remember that you are with me in all that I do.
You who can separate light from darkness, part the seas, and save us from ourselves.
And, if the tears should come, O Lord,
May they be a sign that I do need you.
The warm wetness against my skin reminds me that once I was cleansed with water,
While you purified me with your Holy Spirit.
Just to acknowledge my need for you,
I feel as if I might make it a little farther this day in what I have to do.
Thanks be to you, Almighty God.

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