The Need to Mess with Things


I am not always a Purist, but there are somethings I just don’t understand messing with and Daylight Saving Time is one of them.  Out of curiosity, I have read quite a few articles for and against Daylight Saving Time, and yet I still do not see any overriding reason to do it.  I certainly see the effects of it twice a year since it falls on Sunday.  People either come to worship unusually early, exceptionally late or not at all in numbers much greater than any average Sunday.  Yesterday was no exception.  Perhaps what really gets me about the whole thing is our human need to control and dictate.  There’s almost an egocentric undercurrent to it that implies we know better than the Sun when there should be light and for how long.  Meanwhile, the Sun’s only purpose for existing is to provide light and energy. 

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I did not start this site as a place to complain and put forth my views of social and political topics; Daylight Saving Time was just a gateway thought.  Humanity is gifted; we have amazing intellects and we have done incredible things with our minds and wills.  Every time I visit someone in the hospital, I marvel at what medicine and science have accomplished.  I also notice when we cannot say “no” or “enough before we go too far.”  We need to exert control, need to make things bend to our will, when we are supposed to be following God’s will.  A lot in this life is trusting in God.  I see God’s work in science and medicine, academia and literature, but I also see humanity, especially in pushing limits.  We show a lack of trust in God when we cannot leave anything untouched by human hands, uninfluenced by human thought.  Millions upon millions of Christians pray the Lord’s Prayer which includes the line: “Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.”  Do we as individuals and a society spend enough time trying to figure out what God’s will is?  Or do we simply assume that our will must be the best and God will go along with us? 

Perhaps the bigger question is: How are we supposed to know what God’s will is if we don’t search God’s word and pray?  When was the last time you read the Bible just for the sake of doing so?  When did you last pray when you didn’t need something?  God desires for our answers to these questions to be in the very recent past with the promise to do them again very soon.  I fear that all too many times our prayers are so full on our end that there’s no room for God to respond.  Our minds race, with good reason, over all that is on our plates, our fears, our concerns, our prayers of petition.  We must pause, if for no other reason then to “breathe,” and let God do what God does in prayer.  Prayer is not just a one way direct line to God.  It’s a line of communication that allows for us to speak with God and for God to answer, offer consolation, offer guidance back to us.  So while my Circadian Rhythm strives to get back some equilibrium, I plan to spend more of this day light open to receiving God.  I’m going to spend less time looking to enact my will, and more time trying to discover God’s at least for me in my life.  That’s worth losing an hour of sleep.


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