A Prayer Inspired by the Military


(Image courtesy of bradsdeals.com)

Lord of Hosts,
You assembled your armies of heaven to watch over your people.
While we wish that nation would not lift up sword against nation,
There comes a time when our men and women are called upon to defend our country.
With selfless hearts and great courage they leave their families, their homes, and their safety behind;
In order that we may sleep safe and sound, under their secure watch.
Grant them your blessings, Lord.
Let them perform their duty faithfully and return them safely home.
In their absence, provide their loved ones with comfort and peace through the Holy Spirit.
Wrap them in your love and help them bear this separation.
For the sacrifices they will make in distance and time,
Let us be mindful of them and their families in our thoughts and prayers.
We lift the men and women of the military and their loved ones up to you,
And place them in the palm of your out stretched hand.
They are never far from you, and you are by their side.
Reunite us all in peace and with great celebration.

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