And their eyes were opened…


As an undergraduate, I majored in non-Christian religions.  So many times, in unexpected places, I found the God I know – the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of Jesus Christ – speaking to me in unfamiliar languages in foreign and unknown places.  It was as if God had reached out and touched my heart once more through ancient people and their vastly different religions.  Sometimes I was surprised to find where other faiths spoke of Jesus.  This happens time and time again when I read Rumi, a Sufi Mystic from the world of Islam.

In this world are so many filled with spirit like Jesus.
How could it be filled with so many false prophets?
How could it be filled with heart-darkening brine,
when the water-skin of the universe is brimming with such pure water?
– Rubaiyat, 1092.

I dreamed of the most exquisite Cupbearer,
a glass of red elixir in hand,
perfect in servanthood.
Could this be our real master?
-Rubaiyat, 51.

Might we be more closely related to our Muslim brother and sisters than we dare discover?  To see another ponder Jesus Christ as I have, to read with my own eyes the words so perfectly preserved on paper, makes me think that the light of Christ has made its way around the globe and into the hearts of others.  We must be careful of assuming that only those who look like us, speak like us, and live near us can be bearers of Christ.  We cannot know who God is working through unless we stop to get to know them, see them for who they really are, and listen to their story.  What if Christ is moving in the most unexpected places?  What can I do to be of assistance to God in this mystical phenomenon?  Perhaps I will begin by closing my eyes, opening my ears, and extending my hands…

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