Guardian Angel
Psalm 34:1-10

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            The psalms date back to seven hundred years before the birth of Christ.  They have been read as songs of praise, songs of sorrow, songs of joy, and songs of hope.  Psalm 34 is a song of praise for the protection God provides.  The psalmist writes that the Lord came to his aid when he was afraid.  God delivers us from our fears, not necessarily by removing what makes us afraid, but by being present with us.  The spirit of God, bestowed upon us at the time of our baptism, resides within us.  In times of trouble, God surrounds us with his love.  Although in the midst of difficulty, it may not always feel that way.  As the psalm recounts, the angel of the Lord encamps around those who worship God (34:7).  This promise of a guardian angel is not to be taken lightly.  God does watch over us, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, ensures that we will be cared for in all our needs.  Ours is a good God who loves each of us.  Let us take time each day to rest in the presence of God.  Let us take comfort in knowing that we are not alone.  Whether we can see it or not, the protection of the Lord is upon us and all around.  Whether in Spirit or angel, God is with us for all our days and into eternal life.



Almighty God,

For your attendance in our time of need,

We give you thanks.

You have surrounded us with angels,

Even if we are unaware.

May we praise you and your protection,

With our mouths, our prayers, and our lives.

Let me be a living testimony to your goodness,

All the days of my life and for all eternity.

You are infinite in power and love,

Which is rained down upon us in your boundless Grace.

When we feel weak, alone, sick, or afraid,

May we feel bathed in your presence.

Thank you, God.



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