Dare You To Move: The Ministry of Music


As I sit here listening to Switchfoot, I’m mindful of how powerful music is to the senses.  It moves us, physically and emotionally.  It calls us to action, roots us in place, and makes us sway between the two.  It is one thing to speak the truth, and other to sing it.  Some of us remember our faith through the music of worship, the hymns we know and love.  Music is vital to our faith.  That’s one reason why so many struggle to find the right music for their wedding, the perfect hymns for the funeral of a loved one.  For others music is a nice accompaniment to their worship.  No matter where you find yourself on the scale of music appreciation, know that God finds great worth in music as means of communication and communion with us.  That’s why the Bible has an entire book dedicated to music: the Book of Psalms which were originally sung.  So in honor of music, the ministry and those who minister in its realm, I offer this prayer:

God of sight and sound,
You call to us like a sweet lullaby.
Your saints surrounds us like the choir with their hallelujahs,
Urging us to follow in your Son’s footsteps.
May the music of our faith be pleasing to your ears,
May we find our place in the symphony of believers.
Let all that we do be in harmony with your will.
If we sing with our voices the Gospel of Truth and Love,
Then others will join our chorus in praise of you.
Our bodies are our instruments,
With which we play out the movement of the Holy Spirit in our lives.
For the songs to which we sing,
For the hymns of theology we cherish,
For the prelude and postlude of our worship to you,
For the doxology of our offerings,
We give thanks for the sacred music, the soundtrack of our faith.
May we never grow deaf to it.
And all your people sing,

(Image courtesy of smqa.net)


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