Cup of Jesus


Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending an Continuing Education Event with over one hundred fellow clergy and few good hearted laity of the United Methodist Church.  The day began at 8:30 AM which is half an hour earlier than my work day usually starts and I had to commute to a place that required me to leave my house before 8:00 AM.  I was feeling a little out of sorts, so like most people I headed over to the beverage table in the conference room to grab some coffee.

You could hear everyone, including me, saying how much they needed a cup of coffee.  For some it’s the routine of drinking it, for others the needed caffeine boost, for others they love the taste of starting off the day with some java.  Even our speaker, a retired bishop, remarked that coffee is the holy water of Methodism.  It got me thinking.  How many of us feel like Jesus is a necessary part of our day?  Do we feel like the day just isn’t started until we get some quality time with Jesus? 

I watched as people clutched their coffee cup like it was precious gold.  They held it close, savored the warmth in their hands.  They inhaled the sweet scent like a Maxwell House commercial and sighed.  They savored the first sip, and continued to drink every drop.  More than half went back for seconds.  I started to wonder when was the last time I thought of Jesus in the same way I felt about that hot cup of Joe?  I know there have been far too many days when Jesus is not part of the beginning of my day, nor the middle of it, and not even the end of the day.  But that cup of coffee… we have made it vital; it’s routine.  Can’t Christ be like that, too?  Shouldn’t Christ be like that NOW?  We don’t think about the one who poured himself out for us when we pour that cup of coffee, but we could.  We could make that normative act one of remembrance and gratitude.  We could acknowledge that we need Jesus to begin our day, to give us the boost to get our morning off to the right start.  Unlike my caffeine high, Jesus has never worn off.  So the next time I have a cup of coffee, I will remember this thought, and honor my God with a little prayer of thanks for always being the real spring in my step and the true reason I get up in the morning.  I’ll drink to that.

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