The Hands of God

God created human beings with hands.
At times they are clasped in prayer.
Sometimes they are clenched into fists.
They can be used to encourage with a thumbs up.
Or clap together in gratitude.
We can hold one another’s hands in support.
We can gesture to someone too far to hear our words.
We can use the dexterity of our hands to bind a wound.
Hands can steady the shaky and weak.
My hands can turn the pages of Holy Scripture.
My hands can serve Holy Communion.
Hands can be used to bless or to curse.
They both heal and hurt.
For the deaf and mute, they are the mouth piece for their words.
For those who talk with gestures, they convey emotion and fervency.
Whatever we choose to do, or not do, with our hands,
We must remember the hands that have done the most for us:
Outstretched, nailed to the cross,
The hands of our savior are open.
They are the hands of Grace,
And God’s Unwavering Love.

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