Lamb of God

Abraham said, “God himself will provide the lamb for a burnt offering, my son”
(Genesis 22:8 NRS).

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As Good Friday approaches, I have been thinking a lot about the phrase “Lamb of God.”  I did a search of the words to see all the citations in scripture, and the first one was the above passage in Genesis.  The irony is amazing.  God himself did provide the lamb.  A burnt offering is one form of sacrifice.  Who was the lamb, the offering?  God proclaims, “My Son” (Matthew 3:17).  Thousands of years before Jesus was born, Abraham spoke these words and he was right, twice.  God provided Abraham with the ram for his sacrifice instead of his son, Isaac (Genesis 22:13).  God would then provide his Son, Jesus Christ, for the ultimate sacrifice to cleanse all humanity of their sin. 

Like Abraham, we must be known for our righteousness before God, our faith in the sacrificial offering of Jesus Christ on that Good Friday almost two thousand years ago.  The stakes were so high for Abraham; he had to sacrifice his only son by his beloved wife, Sarah.  He prepared to do just that, taking Isaac to the mountain and bound him.  Knife in hand, Abraham prepared to show his commitment to God’s word, but it was not Isaac who must die, not Abraham’s son.  The Son’s death would take place on a different hill, the hill of Golgotha.  There those of no faith would bind the Son to the cross and their hand would not be stayed.  That day death did come for the Son.  He died so the hopeless would have faith, have salvation, discover hope for themselves in his act of Grace.  Did Abraham know all this?  Doubtful, but he spoke the truth.  Now we must hear it.

Open my ears to your holy words, My Lord!
Let me hear, for I yearn for your truth.
My sins bound you to the cross.
Forgive me, Christ!
You are the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.
I hear and I know your call to faith,
Is as loud and clear today as it was on that fateful day.
Let me never forget and never forsake you.

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