A Prayer for Palm-Passion Sunday


Today is the last Sunday before Easter.  Unfortunately, most Christians will not set foot in Worship again until Easter, if they are even there today.  They will not celebrate the Last Supper on Maundy Thursday, nor will they stand in the shadow of the cross on Good Friday.  This means that they will not acknowledge the sadness that sin necessitates and the suffering and death of Jesus upon the cross.  Therefore, this day is both a day of celebration and sorrow.  This is why the palms become crosses.  This prayer is by Laurence Hull Stookey and acknowledges both aspects of this special Sunday.

(Image courtesy of lent.goarch.org)

Jesus, on this day they hailed you with tree branches as you rode through Jerusalem;
But shortly they would cry out against you and compel you to carry your own cross through the same streets.
We confess that their fickleness is ours also,
That infidelity to you lurks in our hearts as surely as it did in theirs.
By your graciousness grant that our songs of “Hosanna!” may not turn into shouts of “Crucify!”
By your cross and passion, save us, merciful Lord.


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