Give Up. Get God.


If you’ve ever spent even a little bit of time paying attention to all the effort we put into controlling our lives, you might be amazed.  We seek endless advice on how to have financial security, the inside edge on investments.  We are willing to pay people to teach us how to be organized, efficient, thrifty, physically fit, and content.  All in a bid to be self-sufficient and happy with ourselves.  There are bill board ads, websites, spam emails, infomercials, junk mail, and entire sections of self-help books in our bookstores and libraries.  Infinite testimonials about how “this worked for me…”

If one thing was a sure fire solution, then there would not be countless options.  My spam folder would be blissfully empty, and my time and effort could be directed to something more substantial.  Who is it that has the “right” answer anyway?  What makes them so enlightened?  I see so many men and women pitching something, like door to door salesmen of a time gone past.  They have flashing phone numbers, kitschy websites, and big smiles with perfectly white teeth.  When I get down to the basics, I just see a bunch of people making money.  Mostly off of those who are so desperate for, well, change.  I do not think I have ever seen anything that can really change you forever.  No diet.  No financial scheme.  No cosmetic surgery.  No fitness regime.  The only permanent change comes from within and the only one who can change our inner most being is the one who created it, mapped it out, designed its inner workings, and sees what has gone wrong.  That’s God.

No human has figured us out.  That’s why we have so many different ideas, many in conflict with one another, about how to “fix” us.  Sometimes I think humanity is almost as incomprehensible as God, maybe that’s because we are created in the image of God, which is beyond our ability to wrap our heads around.  We can spend our entire lives chasing down the solution, or we can just give up thinking we can do it ourselves.  We can’t.  That’s why we so desperately needed Jesus Christ and the cross.  We can’t make ourselves look good enough, feel good enough, stabilized enough to fool God into not seeing our sin.  God doesn’t get star crossed by celebrity endorsements.  God can always read the fine print.  God sees the true value of all things.  God sees us for who and what we are, and God wants us to be what we were created to be: in relationship with our creator.

Does God want us to be better?  Of course, that’s why God sent us God’s prophets and priests, came to us in Jesus Christ.  Come to think of it.  God did give us a self-help book.  It’s a worldwide best seller.  Check it out.  It’s called the Bible and it is guaranteed to change your life, for the better.

“Tomorrow we will give ourselves up to you, and you may do to us whatever seems good to you” (1 Samuel 11:10 NRS).

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