An Acknowledging Prayer


O God,

It would be easier if I didn’t have to pray.
You could simply read my mind and know what I would have prayed.

It would be less complicated if I didn’t have to go to worship.
I could have my Sunday mornings back to do whatever I wanted.

It would be less confusing not to read the Bible.
I wouldn’t have to try to figure out what you want me to know.

It would be less of a headache to not live in community with other Christians.
Sometimes people can be such a hassle.

It would be cheaper if I didn’t tithe.
I’d have a lot more money to pay my bills.

It would be more efficient if you used your power to accomplish your will.
Then I wouldn’t have to bother.

But, if all those things were to happen,
My life would be so empty.

When would I speak to you, if I didn’t pray?
When would I have quality time with you, if I didn’t go to worship?
How would I know your will, if I didn’t search the scriptures?
How will I know my brothers and sisters in Christ, if I do not go to church?
Who will care for your people, if I do not give my money?
Why would you do all these things I might think I want, if you really love me?

Help me to remember that there is great wisdom in your ways.
They may not be easy, or cheap, or quick, or without trial,
But they will challenge me, grow me, strengthen me, and bring me closer to you.
Thank you for not doing it all for me.


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