A Prayer about Trust



I close my eyes and begin this prayer;
My mind is cluttered with the messiness of my life.
The words are there, just jumbled up.
What was it I needed to tell you so desperately?
I knew a moment ago, but now it has slipped away.
I trust you to know me better than I know myself.
I hold fast to the hope that you can bring order into my life;
That you can make this chaos into composition.

Perhaps if I were to be more intentional about my spiritual life,
As I am about my material one,
I would find the words more readily.
These thoughts would flow more steadily,
If I took more time to think about you.

So grant me grace this time,
And I will strive to be more Christ-like,
As I place my life in your hands.
I will trust in you, as you have trust in me to turn aside from my selfish ways.
Next time we meet in prayer,
May you see a change in me.
The same change I trust is there.
Let me honor you with all that I can and will do.


(Image courtesy of truthisfree.baywords.com)


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