Food for Thought


Sometimes when I think about how bad things are, or how overwhelmed I am, I stop and think of Jesus.  As far as I know, one of my closest companions is not going to betray me and hand me over to the political authorities.  As far as I know, I am not going to suffer torture, humiliation, and public death for being me.  Bad things may happen to me.  Some of them might be happening now.  But nothing will compare to what Christ suffered on my behalf. 

So when it appears that I could drift into the waters of self righteousness, I moor myself to this thought: Jesus went through more than I ever will, just so I would be spared the pain, the embarrassment, and the death my sins warrant.  Just before he did all that, he stopped in the garden and prayed.  I do not know what he prayed, but I know that he had strength where I have cowardice, he had trust, where I have fear, and he had will where I have none.

That’s a lot to chew on.

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