Sheep and Goats (Cake version)


I am a big fan of the band, Cake.  I’ve seen them in concert and I have enjoyed their music for over five albums.  They sing a song called “Sheep go to Heaven” referencing the Gospel of Matthew 25:31-33 where Jesus will judge everyone, separating the sheep (the saved)  from the goats (the condemned).

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I wonder if we Christians appreciate this parable enough to let it affect our lives now.  As I sit here humming the Cake song, I think perhaps we assume that because some people will be judged goats that they are beyond our reach, beyond redemption so we cast off any thought of interacting with them.  We probably also assume we will be sheep.  Maybe that’s a safe assumption, maybe not.  I want to be more intentional about not writing people off.  So you tell me you’re an Atheist, that you’re not religious, or you’re not interested in Christianity.  That doesn’t mean that I should turn my back on you.  It doesn’t mean that God gives up on you, and I should, too.  In fact, I’m starting to think that it means that I should be more proactive.  Not that I need to recite my faith journey every time I see you, or send you religious greeting cards and give you bibles on every major holiday, but that I should love you more.  Embody Christ in effectual ways so that you suddenly see God in new ways, ways that you can relate to and maybe want to see more. 

What if the sheep tried to be a better friend to the goat?  What if the sheep didn’t spend all their time with other sheep and left the goats to themselves?  Imagine if Christians didn’t just sequester themselves with other Christians, but reached out in genuine love to those who have not chosen this path.  Not with an air of superiority, but with that mentality Christ calls us to where we love everyone as we love ourselves, where we see God in the other.  Can I transform a goat into a sheep.  No, but I know who can.  If I let myself be open, ready, and willing, then just maybe He will. 

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