That’s One Take…


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I like a theology that empowers human beings while holding us accountable for our actions.  I cannot believe that a God, so full of Grace and Love, would intentionally cause us pain.  God offered God’s self on the cross so that we would not feel the pain and have the death our sin merits, but that we would, instead, receive the gift of salvation.  God does not give us cancer, send a natural disaster upon our family, give our children incurable diseases within the womb, or make us suffer.  The nature of this world, one in which free will is allowed, is that our sin corrupts the world and bad things happen.  God does not will this, but God does will our ability to choose, our freedom to respond, our opportunity  to acknowledge God.  God does not abandon us to the irony and hardships of this life in this world, but walks with us all of our days, if we choose to be in relationship with God.  If you choose God over godlessness, you will find that God does do “good stuff” in us, through us, through others, and for us.  Every second of every day.  Thanks be to God.

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