The Forgiveness Prayer


Almighty God,
I could not fault you if you did not want to hear my prayer.
I have not been the good Christian you call me to be. 
When I opened my mouth,
It was not the testimony of the Gospel,
Or words of gratitude that flowed forth.
Instead, there were words to hurt,
Or my anger in linguistics,
At times, it was gossip and insensitive.
When I cannot keep my mouth from spewing words of offense,
I look back with deepest regret.
I have not just hurt those who hear me,
But I have hurt you who loves every one of your children.
For nothing can justify the damage my words can do.

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Forgive me, Lord.
Put your seal upon my heart, and, when necessary, upon my mouth.
Let your love be in my heart and upon my lips.
Despite all the pain my words have caused,
Your grace filled words offer me forgiveness.
Will I find the words to ask for grace from those I offend?
Perhaps if your Son’s words of love become my own.
May it be so.


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