Just One of Us


Today I am officiating a wedding, one with a lovely outdoor setting in a garden.  Very biblical.  I’ve been thinking about the joy of this day, not just for the couple, but their families and friends.  There is joy in the community for this union, blessed by the church, and under the watch of God.  It’s one of the great honors of being clergy that I am a part of this timeless ritual.  I like to think that Jesus loves a good wedding.  Afterall, it was at a wedding that Jesus performed his first miracle.  It was a very thoughtful one at that; he changed water into wine so the party could continue and the celebrations go on.  That exactly the kind of person I take joy in knowing my Savior is.

(Image courtesy of eborg3.com)

As both fully human and fully divine, Jesus experienced the world just as we do.  I do not know why we can forget about that.  We can forget that Jesus is one of us.  He knew the joy of laughter, the company of friends, the excitement and merriment of a party.  Like so many of us, he enjoyed the social gathering and many are recorded in scripture.  Christ attended dinner parties, religious festivals, and at least one wedding.  He gathered with his disciples and those who would follow him for a short while to bread break and converse about all aspects of life.  It’s not like Jesus only saw people in the Temple, or during regular office hours.  He walked all around Galilee and then down to Jerusalem living life.  He ate, he drank, he spoke, he listened, he laughed, he cried, he healed, he criticized.  I do not want to be a person who only thinks of Jesus when I’m sad, depressed, mourning, or suffering.  I want to remember that Christ loved, laughed, had a sense of humor, went to parties, took time to worship and pray, engaged in witty conversation, and never was too busy for those in need.  That’s the kind of person I want to be, the kind of person Christ wants me to be.  While I’m striving to be more Christ-like, I’m just holding fast to the knowledge that he was, in all the good and right ways, just like me.


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