Remember Your Baptism in Prayer


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Thank you, Gracious God!
You brought forth life from the waters of chaos.
You separate the waters for your people,
Provide safe passage during the storms of life.
When the world thirsts, you send forth your rain upon the land.
You are the living water;
The well that will never run dry.
You pour out your Holy Spirit upon us,
Making us Children of God and heirs of your kingdom.
While we baptize with water,
You baptize with Spirit.
Once we were barren, earthly vessels,
But now we are filled with the presence of our God.
Such a gift is beyond our deserving,
Yet you rain down blessings upon us.
When we feel like we are drowning in this life,
Extend your mighty hand to us, pull us from the  depths.
Save us yet again, Almighty God,
From this world, from our sin, from ourselves.
Let us remember the day we were baptized in your holy name.
Let us recall your promise to love us for all eternity,
Taking comfort in your abiding presence.
You are as powerful as the highest waterfall.
You could destroy like a mighty flood,
But you choose to protect, to love, to save.
Let your Spirit wash over us all,
Bringing peace to every inch of earth.


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