Prayer of the Sick


Hear my prayer,
O great Physician.
You who have healed the sick,
Restored sight to the blind,
Exorcised demons from the tormented.
My body aches,
My head is pounding.
While my body races to fight infection,
To stave off whatever bacteria or virus attacks,
I feel like nothing can be right, when I feel so bad.
There are so many who are more deserving of your healing touch than I.
There are others with worse conditions and afflictions than this I suffer now.
But still I appeal to you, Lord.
I know that my body will eventually regain control.
My strength shall be restored.
You created this amazing network within me to keep me healthy and strong.
Thank you for remaining with me when others shy away in disgust,
Or fear of catching whatever plagues me.
There is no sickness that will separate us,
You have drawn closer to me in my time of need.
Let me remember this moment,
So that I will tend to the sick, just as Christ did, when I am well once more.
As Christ calls us to do.
I feel better already, in the deepest part of my being,
Having acknowledged you this day.

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