The Prayer of the Restless


Almighty God,
Your psalm commands me:
“Be still, and know that I am God!” (46:10),
But every part of my being fights stillness.
I am too alert, too restless, too busy to stop.
My life is bustling,
My mind is racing,
My limbs are anxiously fidgeting.
Let your Holy Spirit calm me;
Filling me with a peace like no other.
When I stop and rest in you,
I feel the beating of my heart, thumping in my chest.
I am reminded that your Spirit flows through me,
Like the life sustaining blood in my veins.
I am suddenly aware of sounds all around me,
Things that normally go unnoticed,
Like the sound of my own breathing.
And I remember you breathed life into your creation.
My own body becomes a living, breathing testimony to you;
Your power is revealed in this mortal vessel.
When I am still,
Suddenly I do know that you alone are God.
Thanks be to you, my Maker and Creator.

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