Turning “Water into Wine” on Its Head


(Image courtesy of etherealwellness.wordpress.com)

Ah! that first and infamous miracle by Jesus where he turns water into wine at the wedding in Cana (John 2:1-11).  Christ’s miracles are, by nature, sacred and holy moments when we read with awe what he was able to accomplish, but they are also glimpses into the understanding of humanity our Lord has because he is just as human as he is divine.  As I looked at this image of water turning into wine within a wine glass, I found myself wondering how often we miss opportunities to “turn water into wine” by taking our religion and making it an exciting, welcoming experience for others.  Jesus tells the woman at the well that the water he can give “will become in them a spring of water gushing up to eternal life” (John 4:14).  Christ is the water that we are to turn into wine.  We are empowered (and expected!) to find new ways to bring Christ to others.  We know that people love parties; they love a good time where they have fun and they get together with other people.  The wine symbolizes our human desire to enjoy life and one another, like the wine Christ made so the wedding celebration would not end. 

Let us ask ourselves:
What can you do to make Jesus a welcome part of our social lives?
How can you get people as excited about our Savior as they are to go to a party?
How can changing the venue help to make others feel comfortable so that they are open to Christ?
Might we find ways to honor our tradition and still try new things?

Whether it’s a social gathering in the comfort of your own home, or an outdoor event in the community, sometimes leaving the confines of the church building liberates others from their own stereotypes and prejudices against Christianity.  In the secular and social environment, Christ can be more easily received when there doesn’t seem to be pressure to do so.  In a reality where Christ calls us to do even greater works than he did (John 14:12), we must be willing to get our feet wet and actively change water into wine.  If we do not work on making Jesus accessible and our spirituality a joyful expression, then there will be no more growth in the Church and our wells will run dry for the next generation.  The living water wants to be where there is life; it’s high time we live and do it joyfully for the world to see so that they will want to come to the party.


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