The Joy of Presence


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Mantras are normally associated with Asian and East Asian religions like Hinduism and Buddhism, but I have adopted by own mantra: Be, and be joyful in being.

Have you ever watched a gathering of people and noticed how some people just cannot be happy?  There is always something about which to complain, to offer criticism, to annoy you.  I wonder why we seem unable to just be.  To be present and aware of our surroundings without passing judgment.  Are not Christians called to find joy, satisfaction in existence?  The mere fact God exists is cause for joy according to the psalms.  “The LORD is king! Let the earth rejoice (Psalm 97:1 NRS).  No matter what is going on around us, there is always a joy in being for God’s faithful.  We realize that life at all is a gift, despite the hardships, the trials, the sorrows.  Joy is not something handed to us from the very beginning, but life is.  If we look at life as a gift, evidence of God’s Grace then are we not joyful in that?  When we are gathered together as the Body of Christ we do not have to be entertained, fulfilled by moving music or sermons, and  we do not need the pleasures of beautiful adornments to find joy.  Just to be in the presence of others who love God is worthy of joy, even if they have different theology, different notions of acceptability, different political and social stances.  Wherever Christians gather, we should take time to be intentional about basking in the presence, the state of being present.  If we do, and if we reflect on the significance of that, then surely we will find the joy that is God’s gift to the faithful.

May you be, and be joyful in being.


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