Frayed Faith


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There are times in every Christian’s life when we find ourselves hanging on by a single strand to our faith.  Life is full of things that will shred your beliefs, that will strip you of a comfortable, easy faith.  The stress of daily life, the pain and sorrow of crisis, the loss of our beloved ones, the challenging knowledge we gain all chip away at the bonds of our connection to God.  Frayed faith is not sinful, nor does it mean that we are standing on the edge of being lost of God.  We serve the one who can repair our faith, reuniting the strands that have come undone.  Psalm 139 says that God “formed my inward parts; you knit me together in my mother’s womb” (139:13 NRS).  If God created you, knit you together, then God can reconnect you to himself.  There is nothing impossible to the omnipotent God we serve.  There is no faith too fragile, too torn asunder that cannot be saved by the one who saves us from ourselves, our sinfulness.  Just when you think you might come completely undone, close your eyes and remember that God will not let anything separate you from your Lord.  Not death, or life, or angels, or demons, or rules, or things in the present, or things to come, nor powers that be, or height, or depth, or anything else in all the world (Romans 8:39 paraphrase) will ever separate you from your God.  No matter who you are, or what you’ve done, or the magnitude of your sins, nothing is enough to cut you off from God who brings you salvation from your sins, from yourself in Jesus Christ.  That we can cling to for all eternity.


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