Prayer for Rest


Hear my prayer, Almighty God.

Just as you rested on the seventh day of creation,
Just as the ark came to rest on Mount Ararat,
Just as the cloud of your presence came to rest upon the Tabernacle,
Just as the spirit of the Lord would rest on each of the elders of Israel
     so that they would prophesy,
Just as the Holy Spirit in tongues of fire came to rest on each of the apostles,
Just as Christ promises that in him we will find rest for our souls,
We turn to you, weary, and seeking the kind of rest only you can give.

Lead us to your holy places,
On to rest for our feet, our aching bodies, our tormented spirits.
Show us where we can stop along the way in our busy lives.
Make us stop, pause, and rest before we continue.
How can we ever know success when we are this weary?
Refresh us, renew us,
Just as you have already redeemed us in Christ Jesus.

In this time of prayer, we rest in you.

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