The Needy and The Prayer


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I could lie awake all night,
While my mind swirled with things I need.
I need to have an income.
I need a job, any job, a better job.
I need to provide for my family, for those I love most, for myself
I need shelter, a place to lay my head, a bigger house for all my stuff.
I need food, healthy food, but mostly the kind of food I like.
I need water, safe water, clean water, water from expensive bottles.
I need to be forgiven, to be saved, to be justified in myself.
I do not know how, but even when I try to focus on what I need,
It quickly deteriorates into wants and desires.
I do not need all that I have, and yet I want more.
How could it feel so natural to want more, to demand more?
Only you can save me from my sins, save me from my desires, save me from myself.
Turn me from looking inward,
Turn me to you, Lord.
You know my needs better than I do.
I know that you promise to watch over me.
Help me to trust in you.
I need that most of all.


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