The Pervasive Presence of God


My biblical theology precludes me from the omnipresent idea that God is everywhere.  I do believe that the Holy Spirit resides in all those baptized.  I believe that wherever two or more are gathered in Christ’s name, he is there, but that we have to be intentional about gathering or he’s not there.  I do believe that the Father resides in the House of God, whether a church or synagogue.  I believe that there are things all around us, especially nature, that remind us of and point back to God.  But I don’t think God is just hanging out everywhere, otherwise I don’t need to bear Christ for the world (Mark 9:41).  I also think that there are times, especially in our time of need, that God comes to us. 

(Image courtesy of

I have no idea if God would look into an Operating Room and see this, see Jesus manifested like this artwork suggests.  Perhaps it is of comfort for some to think Jesus is guiding the hand of the surgeon.  I would emphasize that God is with the person obscured in this image: the patient.  God surrounding them with a presence of peace and comfort, borne from God’s abounding love.  In that way, when God surrounds us with God’s love, we find that God does seem to be everywhere.  God can feel omnipresent because we are bathed in his Grace.  Whether we are in life changing surgery, on the battlefield, in the comfort of our home, or in the sacred space of the church, we who believe in God find God’s presence.  Sometimes it is because we bring God with us as the Holy Spirit.  Other times we manifest Christ when we worship with other Christians.  Sometimes we cannot distinguish how or why God is with us, we just know he is.  Whatever we think or feel, we have to trust, to know that, in some way, God is with us.  God knows us.  God loves us.  God cares so much for us that God does not abandon us. 


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