God Speak


Earlier this week, I tried to do something practically impossible; I tried to have a spiritual conversation with a non-spiritual person.  Notice that I didn’t say it was impossible, it’s just incredibly difficult as many have found.  My mother always says you have to have a point of reference to understand certain things.  For some that point of reference is experience, for others formal education, and some others it’s a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Like when someone asks me how I know there’s a God.  I can cite scripture or the tradition of the Church.  I could utilize reason, but I was never of the Apologetic stream.  So how do I personally know there’s a God?  I have a relationship with God.  God talks to me, and I talk back (literally and figuratively).  I have a personal experience with God, and so I know God exists.  That doesn’t always translate for those who do not have this experience, this relationship with God.  You get something like this:

(Image courtesy of zazzle.com)

Of course God speaks to me.  I’m a child of God, and we’re on pretty good terms.  Not to mention, that I passed my psychological evaluation.  I feel safe saying that whoever made this bumper sticker doesn’t understand why God would talk to anyone.  Maybe they don’t believe in God; that’s their choice.  But I can’t make this person understand that there is a God or how amazing it is that God talks to me.  They don’t get it.  As you can see, they think I need medication to rid me of my delusions, probably before I hurt someone.  Well, I have no intentions of hurting anyone.  In fact, it is because of my relationship with God that I do not want to hurt others.  It is because of this relationship that I want to help God heal the world.  I want to assist God do what I already know God is doing.  I know God is healing because God heals me.  I know God is speaking because God speaks to me.  I know God is making change because God is changing me.

I’m sorry if that doesn’t translate, but it doesn’t make it any less true.   So the next time I have someone question why Christianity does this, or why the Church runs like that, or whatever other question I get asked by people from outside the Church and outside a relationship with God, I am going to pray for patience first, and then I’m going to remember that just because they lack this point of reference now, does not mean that they always will.  I’m going to pray that everyone finds their God relationship, and that they come to know that God does speak.  I had to learn this, and I did.  It didn’t just change my life.  It is my life. 

Let God speak!
May God be heard!


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