The Honesty Prayer


If I am totally honest with you…
I could use a day to rest.
Maybe I could just sleep in.
It has been a long week,
Perhaps I could use some refreshing.
But if I get up and go to church,
Then I will have to see other people.
I will have to be more active than lying home in my bed.
I will have to listen, and maybe even have to hear.
I might be angry when I listen to other people,
When I see how they act contrary to their words.
I might be more exhausted when it is over,
Than when it began.
It just may be that I need to get something out of church today.
What if I don’t?
What is I leave more sad, more angry, more downtrodden?
Can I trust that this will be a positive thing for me?
In my heart of hearts, I hear you calling me;
Telling me to go on faith.
Honestly, I’m skeptical,
But, for you, I will go.
Help me get past my own thoughts and wants.
Let me look to you and my worship of you first.
Deep inside, I’m worried about what you’ll say to me,
How you will make me feel about myself, my life.
Honestly, I’m scared, but I will go where you lead.
I’m honestly afraid not to.

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