Prayer for Family


Heavenly Father,
O parent divine,
Assist me in honoring my father and my mother.
May my life be a testimony to all the love I have received.
I lift up to you my siblings, my extended family,
And all those who are not bound by blood or marriage,
But whom I love as though they were.
When they are in need, may I be a vessel of your love.
Help me to relinquish all pain and sorrow,
Any resentment I may bear for my family.
Replace it with love, gratitude, and a Christ-like grace.
When the storms of trial threaten to overwhelm my family,
You are a beacon of light in the darkness.
You, O Lord, are the rock to which we cling.
May the branches of my family tree,
Be rooted in Jesus Christ;
So that all generations will praise your name.
I give you thanks for the blessing my family has been,
And ask for your forgiveness when I have not been just to them.
Help me to mend any brokenness and rekindle lost connections.
When we find ourselves separated by distance and the demands of life,
Bring us together again.
We are one in you.
One in the Body and blood of Christ.
Thanks be to you, Almighty God, for family.

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