The Provisional Prayer


I usually post prayers that are for a more universal audience, but while I am in the middle of trying to complete my papers for Provisional membership as an Elder in the United Methodist Church I keep praying something to this effect:

Almighty God,
In your providence, you call each of  us into ministry.
For some, we feel the tug in our being, the call to ordination.
I first ran from that call,
Then I returned to you with a humble heart,
And a willingness to do what you ask of me.
Help me to continually discern your will for my life.
As I find myself in the midst of the Church’s ordination process,
Let your Holy Spirit be my strength and guide.
When I find myself overwhelmed,
Teach me how to be calm during the storm.
I know you, your mighty works, and your precious grace.
May the words of my mouth and the faith in my heart,
Translate to paper and convey the truth of you.
The gravity of this time has not escaped me,
And I echo the importance of the Church’s confirmation of my call.
Sustain those who will read my papers, listen to my testimony,
And have the heavy burden of discerning.
Lead us all in your wisdom and love to our rightful place in your Church.
I want nothing more than to please you, O Lord.
If that is through ordained service,
Then may it be so, according to your will.
I pray in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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