Jesus Exhausted


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You do not often see Jesus portrayed in this way.  He looks tired, like the weight of the world is bearing down on his shoulders.  Perhaps he has a headache from all the endless questions the Pharisees keep asking in an attempt to catch him speaking blasphemies against God.  Maybe he’s frustrated because the men he chose to be his Apostles just don’t seem to get it; they take one step forward and two steps back.  Or is this they way Jesus looks when he sees we’re not going to go to worship on Sunday.  Let’s face it; most of us know on Saturday that we’re not going to church on Sunday.  I can only imagine all the excuses Christ hears.  Explanations filled with statements about being tired, sleeping in, wanting to enjoy a quiet Sunday, getting things done that have fallen behind, not really liking that church anyway, believing that no one will notice if I’m not there (God certainly will notice).

So there he sits.  The one who wasn’t too tired to preach and teach.  Jesus who was constantly on the move, visiting as many places as he could to heal and bring people the Gospel promise.  He didn’t take a vacation, and even when he withdrew from the crowds he had his twelve disciples by his side.  Christ never offered excuses in order to stave off his duties, and he knew what was coming.  The savior who always wants to be with us no matter what kind of bad mood we’re in.  Jesus who saw first hand how many people were willing to leave him to suffer alone on the cross.

I think Christ has heard many lifetimes worth of excuses.  Maybe it’s time we share his burden and spend some quality time with him.  It’s never too early to make plans to be with Christ tomorrow.  Or better yet, we can start today.


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