Out of the Heart and into the World

“My soul longs, indeed it faints for the courts of the LORD; my heart and my flesh sing for joy to the living God” (Psalm 84:2 NRS).

When you love God, when it is rooted deep in your heart, it seems to pour forth into the world.  First, it spills into your life, in your home and at work.  Then it seeps into your community and makes its way down the river and tributaries.  Before long, your love of God had joined with the loves of others to makes its way around the world in the form of mission, disaster relief, and prayer.  No matter how big, how profound the work of Christians is, it began in the heart.  The psalm acknowledges that the heart is tied to the flesh.  We enact what we feel.  It begins as a seed within us and then grows into something too big to be contained within us, too mighty to be hidden away.  What are you doing to nurture that seed of faith and grow it into something watered by the Holy Spirit and bearing fruit for God?

(Image courtesy of girlytwitter.com)

To the One who made my heart,
Who gave my flesh form,
And who fills my being with the Holy Spirit,
I desire nothing more than to honor you.
Help me to be intentional in my faith,
So that what began in my heart will spring forth in my life.
It is not right that I should squander this gift of faith.
Reveal new ways that I might serve you and share this grace.
From my heart into the world,
Let me be a part of the Body of Christ that covers the Earth in love.


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