A Drive-Thru Faith


There are those in Christianity who have a drive-thru faith.  They want to have their worship served up fast food style, preferably in under an hour.  They have little or no connection to the Body of Christ outside of that hour on Sunday morning.  They don’t seek out interpersonal relationships with those that share a pew with them.  They get their face time with God and might say hello to the pastor, but they have busy lives to live and they want a “no strings attached” church.  They wants this:

(Image courtesy of drive.com.au)

Apparently you can even get a tape of worship to go at this “church.”  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Jesus didn’t die for this.  In fact, I don’t think Jesus was born, preached, died, or resurrected for this.  While this is an extreme caricature of what I’m talking about, it does convey the sad way we have perverted the Church and what it means to be in community.  It makes me want to hang my head to think that any pastor would even consider offering something to cater to those with a drive-thru faith.  It’s like giving liquor to an alcoholic or heroin to an addict when what they really need is help.  The Church is supposed to help us overcome our selfishness and our extreme individualism rather than cater to it and feed it until it become a bloated anathema to everything for which Christ stands.  The Body of Christ is not something that exists for give or take an hour on Sunday morning.  If that is what you want, your looking at the wrong Savior.

On the other hand, if you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself.  Something that will enrich your life while simultaneously enriching the lives of others.  Something that allows you to transcend the mortality of your being and discover the image of God in which you were first created.  Something that will perfect you in Christ and show you how to be a blessing to this broken and bitter world.  Then I think I can help you.  I can show you where God is making all things new, especially us.  I can show you how God is working through the imperfect and sinful vessels of human beings to bring love, grace, and blessings to others without prejudice for who they are.  I can show you what it is like to belong somewhere where people not only acknowledge that you are imperfect, but embrace you for it because they are too.  I can show you where you are needed, valued, and expected to be if you want to be a Christian, but you are going to have to leave the safe, cozy confines of your car.  This drive-thru is closed.


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