Anachronistic Atheism


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Ahhh, Atheism.  Be a Christian long enough and you’re sure to have your interactions with it.  There always seems to be an Atheist around willing to have an endless argument/debate with you about the “falsehood” of God.  I’ve certainly had many encounters with individual Atheists and the organized efforts of groups like American Atheists.  While some fear them and others shy away from interaction with them, I don’t have a strong feeling either way.  My job is not to convince Atheists that they are wrong.  I am here to be a living witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I put my energy into that and leave the rest to God. 

So what happens when we encounter something like the image above?  Interestingly enough, I wasn’t even looking for something about Atheism when I stumbled on this via Google search.  I saw it and was intrigued so I looking into it.  It’s from a website for Common Sense Atheism in a post called ” ‘God Did It’ is a Terrible Explanation.”  I was curious to know why Christianity is false, but was disappointed to discover that the post was really just a reaction and rant about another person’s article that used Apologetics, a type of formalized theology that utilizes philosophical reasoning to provide a defense for God.  I’m not an Apologist.  In fact, I make no apology for God or my beliefs, but I digress.  So I read the article and it never did explain why Christianity is false other than to reference a series by the same name of which this post was included. 

Even though there is no argument to debate, I still have a response Mr. Luke Muehlhauser, General Atheist, and his claim that Christianity is false, and, ironically, it uses reason.  Atheism often uses science and reason as a foundation to justify its claim that there is no God and therefore all religion is false.  It stands to reason that if there is no God, then billions of people are either liars or psychotic.  Religion, specifically Christianity, is based upon experience and a personal relationship with God.  Despite any claims otherwise by the Atheist community, we know there is a God because we know God and have been in relationship with God.  So either I am lying, as are billions of other Christians, or I honestly believe in my delusion and thus am psychotic.  Since I have passed several certified psychological examinations and independent health screenings, I am going to go with the determination that I am not psychotic.  By deduction, I guess I’m defending against being a liar.

The problem with Atheism is that it exists thousands upon thousands of years after religion has flourished on the earth.  It would have been better if it came into existence before the rise of organized religions beyond localized, shamanistic traditions.  Atheism has a favorite target other than religion in general.  It likes to take offense and aim at Christianity in particular.  It’s nothing personal against you and I except that many Atheists tend to be former Christians.  For whatever reason, they reject Christianity and decide to take up a crusade to prove Christianity false.  Good luck.  You can’t argue with personal experience and relationship.  You can’t tell me that God doesn’t speak to me, that God hasn’t called me to be in relationship.  I know it and God knows it.  The role of the Church for those who seek to be ordained is to test and confirm my call to ordination in the United Methodist Church.  The very fact that they have ordained people means that there have been others who have seen evidence of call, relationship, and belief in God.  While Atheists would claim that this is simply preserving the falsehood, I argue that cannot be sustained since there are plenty of people who try and are not ordained.

I really have no interest in arguing against Atheism.  To have no belief is boring.  I’d rather debate Mormons, a favorite past time of mine.  I’m not offended by what Atheists say about me, my religion, or God.  I feel sorry for them.  To have so much hatred for something that you cannot let them be is beyond unfortunate.  I don’t spend my whole life arguing against another religion.  I spend my whole life trying to be a good Christian.  In the end, Atheists will have to tell God why they did what they did and thought what they thought, and maybe they will have a chance to repent.  That’s when you KNOW there’s a God, when you discover his grace for you.  I’m just blessed to have learned that long ago.


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