The Prayer of the Haves


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Gracious God,
I am one of the haves of this world.
I have all that I need,
Even if it is not everything that I want.
I have shelter, a place to rest my head.
I have food to nourish my body.
I have water to quench my thirst.
I have clothes to cover my nakedness.
I have more than enough for today.

Somewhere not far away,
It is not the same for another.
Somewhere there are those who have no where to rest;
They lay their head in the dirt of the ground.
Somewhere there are those who have no food;
They will go hungry today, tomorrow, and the next day.
Somewhere there are those who have no access to clean water;
They will drink contaminated water and suffer the consequences.
Somewhere there are those who will not have proper clothing;
They will be cold, unprotected from the elements.
Somewhere there are those do not have enough;
The reality is that they might never have enough.

Help me to do more than just give thanks for what I have,
And pray for those who go without.
Help me to meet their needs.
To give of what I have, out of the abundance of my blessings.
What good is it to me to be a have,
When spiritually I am a have-not?
As you have provided for me,
I will seek to provide for others,
Until the day when you come again.
When there will be no homelessness,
No hunger, no thirst,
No poverty.

Until that blessed day,
Show me how I can be of use to others here and now.
Let me be a sign of your love and grace.
I know how comfortable and glorious it can be.
Now it is someone else’s turn.


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