Held Fast


As Hampton Roads, the area of Virginia in which I live, was battered by Hurricane Irene this weekend, I spent a lot of time praying, thinking about God’s presence and promises, and this is what I composed:

Gracious God,
There is never a time when you abandon us.
Even as the storms of life bear down upon us,
You are the rock to which we cling,
The ground to which our feet are anchored.
There is nothing in this world that could wrench me from you.

When I felt anxiety,
Your Spirit calmed me.
When the power went out and I was enclosed by darkness,
Your light burned within me and I was strengthened.
When my home was battered and covered by debris,
You reminded me that I can do all things.
So slowly I begin to clean up.
Slowly I begin to rebuild.

Your promises were kept, O Lord.
The waters did recede.
All was not lost.
My family and friends are safe.
My home still stands.
All will be restored in time.

Why does it take a tragedy or a trial to make me see?
Why can I not always be so sure about your abiding presence?
Why am I not always this grateful for what I have?

May this storm, which could have been a disaster for me,
Serve to remind me of these things.
When I look back and remember this period,
I pray that I will remember all that I have learned.
There is no storm, no loss of ability or possession,
That can make me forget that I have what is most important:
I have you, Almighty God.
Glory to you.

(Image courtesy of wallpapercenter.net)

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