Grace Means…


Grace means that you can find forgiveness for your deepest, darkest sins.  The ones you don’t share with anyone and cannot imagine confessing to anyone else but God.

Grace means that you do not have to be the culmination of your past actions.  You can find the ability to be made new, made over, made into the image of Christ.

Grace means you offered a way out, a way up, a way past everything that would otherwise hold you back from moving on.

Grace means you are loved, beloved, sacred to God.  You have been adopted as a Child of God and given a whole new family of believers with which to share your life.

Grace means that we find a place for our gifts and our talents.  We discover the means with which to use them for others and to change the world.

Grace means we are justified before God, shown the vision of righteousness.  We see with our own eyes what the world can be through the lens of Jesus Christ.  It is bold, beautiful, and everything we want it to be.  It is everything the world needs.

Grace means we discover what it means to be sanctified, and continually so.  We wake up each morning to be renewed so that we can carry on and shoulder our own cross.  We are empowered to triumph over our burdens in a way that nothing else can offer us.

Grace means hope, beyond the human understanding.  It is God-defined and God-centered.  It flows forth from the movement and presence of the Holy Spirit into every facet of our lives.  It allows us to find the strength to carry on in the midst of trial and struggle.

Grace is that glow that Christians have which confounds non-believers.  It is how we these imperfect, fragile vessels become the light of the world.  We illuminate the dark places and reveal the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Grace is a gift from God.  It is sufficient for all things and all people.  We have faith by grace and by grace we are saved.

“This Light of Mine” by Cheryl Maida


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