A Prayer from Aching Memories


Lord, give me strength.
I know what is coming, what tomorrow holds.
I remember and yet, sometimes, I wish I could forget.
There is anger, there is pain.
There is fear, and deepest sorrow.
My emotions are waves pounding upon the shores of my consciousness.
They threaten to drown me;
Overwhelming my ability to function.

Deep within me I still ask, “why?”
Not because I demand answers.
Not because I really must know,
But because I cannot imagine.
I cannot comprehend why anyone,
Would do such an abhorrent thing to another person.
Why do we believe that death and destruction alone,
Can make the loudest statement?

You came not to kill, but to save.
You brought hope for the lost.
You give love to the forgotten.
You grant grace to all who want to receive.
Grant me your peace on this eve of remembrance.
Grant me your strength for tomorrow.

Ten years have come and gone;
The pain still remains.
The questions linger.
I look to you, not for answers,
But for comfort, reassurance,
And your boundless grace.

May all those who suffer still,
Be gathered together in your Spirit.
Let us cling to you,
When we find the waves of those dark memories washing over us.
These wounds heal ever so slowly,
And you continue to heal us each day.
Tomorrow is no exception.

Grace and Peace be upon us, O Lord.

(Image courtesy of zimbio.com)


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