The Unglued Prayer


God of fortitude,
I almost came unglued.
My life is bursting at the seams;
I can be spread so thin.
Cement my feet;
Root me to the ground where you would have me be.
So that there I can serve, listen, observe, and discover,
All the miraculous ways you are working.
Keep me where you place me,
Until you would move me again.
Ground me to Christ;
The rock upon which my faith stands firm.
When things seem to be slipping through my fingers and out of my grasp,
Seal me with your Holy Spirit.
Help me find strength to persevere.
May I be bonded to you, O Lord,
And the people you call me to serve.
Let your words be affixed in my heart and upon my lips,
So that the next time I feel myself coming unglued,
I will remember that you knitted me together and keep me that way.
All honor, glory, and thanksgiving to you.

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