A Prayer for Vocations to Ministry


I received a prayer card from the Capuchin Order of Franciscan Friars.  Although they are a Catholic sect and their episcopacy differs from my own, I love the sentiment and understanding that all people are to heed God’s call to serve the Gospel.  This is the prayer:

O Father,
Raise up among Christians numerous and holy vocations to the priesthood,
To keep the faith alive and guard the gracious memory of your Son Jesus,
Through the preaching of his word and the administration of the Sacraments,
With which you continually renew your faithful.
Give us holy ministers of your altar,
Who are careful and fervent guardians of the Eucharist,
The sacrament of the supreme gift of Christ,
For the redemption of the world.
Call ministers of your mercy, who, through the sacrament of Reconciliation,
Spread the joy of your forgiveness.
Grant, O Father, that the Church may welcome with joy,
Numerous inspirations of the Spirit of your Son and,
Docile to His teachings,
May she care for vocations to the ministerial priesthood,
And to the consecrated life.
Sustain the Bishops, priests and deacons,
Consecrated men and women, and all the baptized in Christ,
So that they may faithfully fulfill their mission at the service of the Gospel.
This we pray You through Christ our Lord.

(Image courtesy of wikimedia.org)

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