The Preaching Prayer


O Lord,
You are the Word.
Tomorrow I will speak to others;
Whether from the pulpit, or the pew.
May my words reflect your glory.
May they bring comfort and joy.
You can heal with just your words;
Let those who hear me speak,
Discover for themselves that you have healed me.
I have received your grace,
Now I desire to serve you with the words of my mouth.
I pray they reflect the meditations of my heart.
When we who follow you speak the truth in love,
We become preachers of the Gospel.
I will not yell and scream and rain down hellfire,
But I will testify to your presence in my life.
There is more to preaching than standing in a pulpit or on a street corner;
Preaching is speaking your word for your people.
The Gospel words are transformative;
May I now take my place in the Gospel story and speak my testimony.
Words first brought forth life,
Let them now bring forth love.
In your holy name I pray.

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