Thoughts on Heroes


We live in a world that throws around words like “miracle” and “hero.”  Anyone and everyone is a hero in some way, according to the common vernacular.  A hero is someone who helps others at great personal cost and sacrifice.  Heroes are not common and everyday.  They are rare, precious, and often anonymous.  They are not names, personalities, and personae, despite any claims by the media.  Heroes do what we would not do.  They go where we dare not tread, and face horrors and atrocities from which we shy away.  They understand the concept of sacrifice.  It is not donating fifty thousand dollars to a charity when you make fifteen million a year.  It is not a pictorial campaign where one has “face time” with the locals of an impoverished nation.  True heroes want to remain faceless and nameless.  They hide from the eye of the camera and public recognition.  They act according to their character which has been shaped by their ethics, morals, and personal beliefs in what is good and just.  They stands in the shadow of their epic deeds that are often too glaringly obvious for the flashy taste of modern culture.  They feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and imprisoned, and care for those who are otherwise invisible.  Heroes are not armed with over sized checks, but over filled hearts and out stretched hands.  They come out of no where to help, and disappear to help the next lost, hurt person in need.  In Christianity, we call these people Good Samaritans.  Often we don’t know someone is a hero until after they have helped us and left our presence.  If we are able to take a moment and look into their face while they are there, we do not see them.  Instead we see the face of God looking back.  Heroes are holy vessels, guardian angels, the ones who do not turn away and walk past.  They point beyond themselves and their heroic actions to a world where there is justice, love, and grace.  True heroes reveal to us that there is a Kingdom of God close at hand.

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