X Ray Vision


What if you had x ray vision?
What if you could look right into the core of another person’s being?
What if you could look beyond the veneer, the facade, the bravado, the projected image?
What if you could see the soft, exposed interior that is hidden beneath?
What if you could see their inner motivations, whether good or bad?
What if you could look at another person and see the light of Christ burning within either as a small flickering flame of a candle or a full blown inferno?
What if you could instantly discover who a person was and how injured they were?
What if you could tell what their personal demon is with which they struggle?
What if you could see their internal sickness, that which is making them slowly waste away?
What if you could see what they are really feeling: the butterflies in their stomach, the joy in their heart, the fear in their chest?
What if your sight was so multidimensional that you knew a person’s innermost thoughts just by looking at them?
What if you had the gift of inner sight like God?

(Image courtesy of us.fotolia.com)

If you did, how would it change you?  How you acted?  What you said?  Would you be more grace filled and cut people some slack?  Would you be moved by the pain, suffering, sadness, joy of others? 

What if you looked into another person and saw the image of God in which we were all created?
Would you love them, respect them, help them, seek to be in relationship with them, grant the some grace, extend them your hand, embrace them as your kin?

What does God call you to do when you encounter another of God’s children, even if you lack x ray vision?  Do you do it?  Will you do that today?


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